A better world is possible.

SHIFT Collaborative offers
strategy, coaching, training
and tools to support learning
and leadership development,
strategic impact and collaborative
innovation for a healthier
and more resilient world.


Making patterns, mindsets, and structures visible to move you towards more clarity and alignment for the impact you want. We help you get unstuck.


Guiding you through complex terrain with the practical supports to build the mindsets, practices, systems and culture needed to impact the issues you care about.


Deepening collaboration and engagement, accelerating learning and leadership, and creating new pathways for action and change together.


Providing platforms and processes that connect change-makers and organizations across sectors to foster diversity, alignment and cross-pollination to drive change.

What if shifting the way we think and work changes everything?

SHIFT Collaborative supports early skill development and engagement right through to facilitation of long term complex change initiatives and all the steps in between. Together, we help you tackle root causes and achieve measurable impacts on the issues you care about.

Find out more about our three main areas of work

Develop and learn to make a difference on social and environmental issues.
Clarify desired impacts, and uncover strategies for breakthrough results.
Draw on the emerging field of social innovation to take effective collective action.

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What people say about working with us

Throughout Deirdre’s involvement with the committee, she provided a positive, solution-focused approach to our barriers, and this helped the committee members develop a common direction. I would recommend Deirdre for any process-related work that wishes to bring disparate viewpoints together into a single approach.”

Karen Abrahamson
Coordinator, Surrey Child and Youth Committee

Kerri Klein and Stacy Barter […] are consummate professionals offering […] creative survey design, implementation and communication of results in a collaborative, supportive and fun style. They have coordinated and facilitated challenging hands-on workshops in diverse settings with excellent results and been instrumental in filling a crucial niche with the Climate Change Health Policy Group in BC.”

Dr. Tim Takaro
Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Erica [has an] intuitive ability to keep asking questions until you get past your usual answers until new thinking and impact becomes possible. I also appreciate Erica’s vast toolkit of social innovation processes – having an experienced facilitator who can bring people together to collectively imagine new approaches to longstanding challenges is invaluable.”

Jennifer Meilleur
Coordinator, North Shore Table Matters

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