A better world is possible. Let’s shift it there together.

SHIFT Collaborative offers strategy, coaching, training and tools to support learning and leadership development, strategic impact and collaborative innovation for a healthier, just and resilient world.

A better world is possible. But faced with complex issues such as climate change, poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to make real change.

We can help you think differently
about how you approach change

Make the shift…

From working in isolation

Illustration of a ven diagram.

to working collaboratively

From addressing symptoms

Illustration of plant growing.

to tackling root problems

From dealing with single issues

Illustration of connecting the dots.

to changing systems

From linear planning

Illustration of people working together.

to real-time experimentation & adaptation

From superficial reforms​

Illustration of butterfly flapping its wings.

to fundamental and profound transformation

Our focus areas

We bring our process expertise to support a wide range of groups and issues, and offer specialized experience in the following areas:

Selection of organizations we’ve worked with