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Wednesday March 20th 12:30 – 2:00 pm PST

Making the Links between Climate Change, Community Health and Resilience: Building the Field in British Columbia

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Climate change has simultaneously been called the greatest threat and the greatest opportunity for public health this century. On the one hand, climate change will cause significant health impacts, exacerbating existing inequities. On the other hand, responding to climate change presents an opportunity to transform the very systems that shape how we live—energy, transportation, housing, and the economy—and create a future that is healthier and more sustainable for all.

Making the Links: Climate Change, Community Health and Resilience (Nov 5-6, 2018) was the first gathering of its kind in BC seeking to advance collaborative, cross-sectoral action on climate change and health in the province. A sold-out event, 180 participants representing diverse sectors gathered for two days in Kelowna, BC to listen to inspiring speakers and community stories and share knowledge, engage in cross-sector dialogue, and identify challenges and opportunities for collaborative action. Together, we explored the opportunities and barriers to develop shared approaches to climate change that not only protect, but also improve community health, well-being, and resilience.

This webalogue will share highlights from this event, including a “Collaborative Framework for Action on Climate Change and Health”.

Webinar recording

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