A graphic showing Living in Community's theory of change.

Impact and Developmental Evaluation (2018 – 2022)

About the project

Living in Community

2018 – 2022

The problem they came to us with
How might we better collaborate to create safer communities for sex workers and healthier communities for everyone?

Our work
Living in Community is an innovative community initiative that has been working since 2004 to find solutions to the impact of sex work on communities and to reduce the harms and isolation that sex workers experience. Arising out of the tragedy of the Missing and Murdered Women in the Downtown Eastside and concerns about the safety of sex workers as well as other community members, Living in Community is a successful container for collaboration and innovation among diverse stakeholders who have grown the idea of finding new ways to address sex work concerns into a powerful methodology for creating communities that are healthy and safe for everyone.

SHIFT Collaborative supported this collaborative initiative in the development of a Theory of Change and impact-focused program evaluation and developmental evaluation to support ongoing innovation and adaptation.

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