A young girl smiles and holds a basketball. She is sitting in a wheelchair and an adult is holding the back of the chair.

Strategic Planning and Developmental Evaluation (2021 – 2022)

About the project

OneAbility Foundation

2021 – 2022

Our work
OneAbility is a collective impact group in Greater Victoria that brings together over 40 organizations and programs working with individuals with disabilities of all ages in adapted or inclusive sports and recreation. SHIFT Collaborative supported the OneAbility Foundation with strategic planning, including developing, delivering, and summarizing interviews with members to identify needs and future focus areas. SHIFT Collaborative also developed a draft financial and staffing model for OneAbility’s training arm, as well as an initial training series that can be delivered by/to members. In 2022, SHIFT Collaborative supported OneAbility through a developmental evaluation and learning process to embed a learning and adaptation action culture among OneAbility leaders and members.

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