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Flood Recovery in the Lower Fraser Region (2022 – 2023)

About the project

2022 – 2023

Lead organization
Build Back Better Together Collaborative, hosted by the Emergency Planning Secretariat and Resilient Waters

Our work together
The Build Back Better Together (BBBT) Collaborative is a group of B.C.-based organizations and experts with the shared goal of moving towards a more holistic, collaborative, and just approach to flood recovery and floodplain resilience that benefits people and other species in the Lower Fraser Region.

In the wake of widespread flooding in the fall of 2021, the BBBT Collaborative mobilized to help B.C.’s flood recovery and management efforts achieve the best possible outcomes. SHIFT Collaborative provided coaching, expertise in collaborative approaches, and facilitation support to enhance the efforts of BBBT Collaborative and deliver an initial regional forum in July of 2022 and a second annual forum in June of 2023.


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