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From Risk to Resilience – Climate Change and Health in B.C. (2022 – 2024)

About the project

BC Ministry of Health

2022 – 2024

The problem they came to us with
How might we better understand the health and health system impacts of recent climate events in B.C.?

Our work
SHIFT Collaborative is working with the BC Ministry of Health and Emergency Management Unit to improve understanding of climate-related health impacts on B.C. populations and on the B.C. health system. Specifically, we are:

(i) synthesizing existing knowledge and information on the impacts of climate change on health in B.C. with a particular emphasis on wildfires, extreme heat, flooding and drought;

(ii) building public and health sector capacity and awareness in B.C. to assess, adapt and respond to climate change;

(iii) identifying and documenting promising practices, lessons learned, innovative solutions and stories from the field that demonstrate effective and equitable adaptation measures in B.C. to inform climate-resilient health policies, programs and services.

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