Our team

We are expert process designers, facilitators, engagement specialists, and strategists, united in our commitment to creating a more just, sustainable, and resilient world that values healthy people and the planet.

Core team

Kerri Klein, MA


Co-Founder and Managing Director


Why people love working with Kerri
Insightful, intuitive, grounded, uber-organized.

Her talents

  • Taking big concepts and making them accessible
  • Working collaboratively
  • Distilling simplicity from complexity
  • Creating clarity and inspiring confidence.

Kerri is a learning specialist, facilitator and coach who has worked for the last 20 years designing and leading collaborative planning, capacity building and engagement processes with a wide range of sectors and communities. She has a knack for working with diverse teams to identify and name underlying patterns and harvest important insights for positive change.

Kerri has extensive experience designing and leading complex capacity building and engagement processes around critical social and environmental issues. She brings specific expertise and experience in supporting multiple sectors to build resilience to the health impacts of climate change and address climate equity. She also has been a project manager, designer, evaluator and engagement lead on a number of recent innovation projects, including two 18-month innovation labs, a number of policy engagement initiatives for the provincial government. Kerri is an approved coach with Innoweave Canada’s developmental evaluation, impact measurement, and collective impact streams, and certified in Human Systems Dynamics.

She has an MA in Environmental Education and Communications with a specialization in climate change leadership..

Stacy Barter, M.Ed.


Co-Founder and Director


Why people love working with Stacy
Exquisite communicator, creatively strategic, sets sights on highest quality, resourceful.

Her talents

  • Designing and facilitating learning
  • Finding common ground amongst diverse viewpoints
  • Can hold the container for both the big and small picture
  • Great intuition about what is at the heart of “stuckness” and how to design processes to break through.

Stacy is a learning specialist, facilitator, evaluator, and coach who has worked for over 20 years with a wide range of communities, non-profit, and public sector organizations in Canada and Latin America. Specializing in process and program design, Stacy has led numerous multi-faceted community change initiatives from the ground up, and has developed a diverse array of training and capacity building programs to support changemakers. Her recent work focuses on leadership development for multi-sector collaboration, community resilience, and building collective impact. She is an Innoweave Collective Impact coach, a certified Human Systems Dynamics Practitioner, and the lead facilitator for the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods initiative. Stacy holds a M. Ed. from Simon Fraser University specializing in Adult Education, community development, and organizational learning.

Michelle Colussi


Co-Founder &
Senior Consultant


Why people love working with Michelle
Practical, laser-focused, collaborative, experienced.

Her talents

  • Helping groups get unstuck and come up with an actionable plan
  • Finding practical ways through sticky situations
  • Sourcing the best of the group
  • Incredible wealth of resources and connections

Originally trained as a teacher, Michelle brings diverse experience working in communities in recreation, youth justice, mental health, the arts and social enterprise. Between 1997 and 2013 she worked in the field of community economic development in Canada bringing strong organizational and community development, facilitation, coaching and training skills to support First Nations, rural communities and NGO’s to build capacity and champion community wealth. She was a key member in the research and development of Canada’s first Community Resilience Manual in 2000 and worked with the Government of Botswana to adapt the tool and train facilitators there. In 2010 she became Canada’s first Transition Town trainer and seeded that movement in 10 cities in Canada. She co-founded Transition Victoria and later Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Society before co-founding SHIFT Collaborative in 2017.

Currently Michelle’s practice at SHIFT is focused on evaluation, strategic planning and facilitation of collaborative systems change work through collective impact and social innovation labs. She continues to serve community on several boards including the Canadian Community Economic Development Network and she lives in Victoria with her husband and son.

Deirdre Goudriaan, MA


Co-Founder &
Senior Consultant


Why people love working with Deirdre
Compassionate, innovative, solid, resourceful.

Her talents

  • Getting to the heart of issues when facilitating group dialogue
  • Always finding a way to move forward
  • Creating inclusive spaces
  • Brings everything she’s got — her whole self and extensive resources

Deirdre is a process designer, developmental/principle-based evaluator and researcher, facilitator and coach who has worked extensively with all scales of community and government. She leads collaborative design processes and has worked with numerous sectors, business leaders and NGO’s locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

For the last 12 years, Deirdre has worked in organizational development, collaborative change processes to address wicked problems and design innovative solutions.

Deirdre has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Training and has focused on conflict resolution and negotiation and trauma informed work that helps communities heal. This work spans from focused trauma informed approaches and approaches that center equity and conflict constructively. Deirdre is currently focused on supporting the Ministry of Agriculture in planning work and one of her passions is food systems work She is an Innoweave Collective Impact coach. She is certified as a Human Systems Dynamics practitioner and has been certified by Acumen in Human Centred Design and Prototyping.

Megan Czerpak




Why people love working with Megan
She’s good at what she does, makes things happen, and likes to have fun while she’s doing it.

Her talents

  • Relationship builder
  • Can work across a wide variety of disciplines to bring people together and makes sense of complex information
  • Creative thinker

In both her work and private life, Megan is laser-focused on her mission to make this world a better place.

She is a seasoned communicator, with experience working for social enterprises, non-profits and higher education institutions. She is also an Adjunct Professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, where she teaches first-year students business communication principles. She joined SHIFT Collaborative in fall 2022 to lead its communication efforts.

Outside of work, Megan likes to spend her time hunting for treasures to rescue at local yard sales and thrift shops. She also enjoys crafting, designing, travelling and playing in nature with her family.

Devon Francis




Why people love working with Devon
She is uber organized and generous about sharing that with others. 

Her talents

  • Holding the many moving parts of projects
  • Bringing attention to the details
  • Advancing dialogue with thoughtful questions
  • Listening with compassion, summarizing, and identifying themes

Devon has spent her life using her organizational skills to support environmental and social causes. Whether working in non-profit administration, research, or community organizing, she loves the behind-the-scenes work of supporting efficient and thriving teams. She is thrilled to bring these experiences to support SHIFT with administrative coordination, workshop hosting, data analysis, and more.

Devon holds a bachelor’s degree from Quest University Canada with a focus on the intersections of environmental science and social justice. She is particularly passionate about advocating for climate solutions that meet the socio-cultural and economic needs of communities.

In addition to her work with SHIFT, Devon organizes with Our Time Vancouver, a youth-led climate justice group, and facilitates with Out in Schools, leading workshops about sexual orientation and gender identity for students and educators.


Our network of partners and collaborators bring specialized expertise, knowledge, and skills to project teams

Headshot of Glory Apantaku
Glory O. Apantaku, MSc, PhD (candidate)


Climate Change & Health

Headshot of Chris Buse.
Chris Buse, PhD


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU

Headshot of Lisa Gibson.
Lisa Gibson, MA


Systems Change Specialist

Headshot of Dawn Hoogeveen
Dawn Hoogeveen, PhD


Climate & Health Equity/GBA+ Specialist

Tasha-Aliya Kara, MPH


Public Health/
Health Equity Specialist

Headshot of Tamsin Mills.
Tamsin Mills, MSc, RPP


Climate Risk & Resilience Planner, AdaptCollaborative

Headshot of Tira from SHIFT Collaborative.
Tira Okamoto


Climate Adaptation Support

Headshot of Lisa Ronald.
Lisa Ronald, PhD



Photo of Angela Tam.
Angela Tam


Service Design Consultant & Illustrator

Headshot of Jade Yehia.
Jade Yehia, MSc


Environmental Health & Climate Change Specialist

Past members

Erica Crawford, MA