Small new leaves grow out of the side of a tree stump, with lovely morning light in the background.

Contemplating SHIFT 2021

As we enter our 4th year at SHIFT, we’ve been engaging in our own practice of adaptive learning. We’re asking ourselves how SHIFT can continue to be of greatest service to those working towards social transformation in the face of climate change, social inequities, systemic racism, economic instability, and food insecurity, all now compounded by an ongoing pandemic with wide-ranging political impacts.

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A woman holds her child's hands in the window of a Vancouver highrise, the IPCC report cover looms in the background.

Climate change and public health outcomes: the time for collaborative action is now

With the consequences of a global average warming of 1°C already being experienced through more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, melting sea ice, and impacts to human health and well-being, we must act now and quickly to limit further warming. This call to action for rapid, widespread changes was the subject of a compelling report released by…

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