Welcome to the BC Climate Health Network!

About the network

BC Climate Health Network is a learning network of diverse professionals, community organizations, government, academic and health sector representatives working to build resilience and reduce the impacts of climate change on community health and well-being in the province by supporting sharing, learning and the development of collaborative policy, planning & action across sectors.

SHIFT Collaborative and Interior Health are the current co-chairs of the BC Climate and Health Network (BCCHN).

Climate Change and Health: A Research Agenda for BC

As part of the Adaptation Canada 2020 conference, 58 participants were invited to take part in a cross sectoral discussion of BC’s current research needs and priorities for action regarding climate change and health. This report summarizes the findings of this discussion and identify climate and health research needs and priorities for action in BC. Read or download the report (PDF).

Climate Change and Health report cover image of a tree and Vancouver in the background.

Some of the health impacts of climate change are already being felt in BC. A preliminary assessment from the BC government in 2019 identified wildfires, seasonal water shortages, heat waves, coastal and riverine flood events, glacial loss and long-term water shortage as high risks for the Province under climate change (BC Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment 2019). Our health system will face increased stress in this warming future and we will need to adapt as the climate continues to change. – Excerpt from Climate Change and Health: A Research Agenda for BC

Our climate is changing

10-15 years ago climate change was thought of as an environmental issue, but that is certainly not the case anymore.

Our health and well-being is the human face of climate change.

Why now?

The evidence is overwhelming: climate change endangers human health. Solutions exist and we need to act decisively to change this trajectory. Dr Margaret ChanFormer WHO Director-General

A comprehensive response to climate change could be “the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century”. Lancet Commission

What’s at stake?

Climate change is impacting people, ecosystems and communities across BC, the health and stability on which we rely for clean air, water, food, safety and security, and which are essential for good health and wellbeing. Without attention to the health impacts of climate change we risk rolling back much of the progress that has been made for healthy communities in the last few decades.

What’s the opportunity?

Decisions made today about how we respond to climate change will have lasting consequences for the health and prosperity of all populations and communities in BC. Many regions around the world are already taking bold action that not only plans for and minimizes the health risks of climate change, but also maximizes the opportunity to increase health and wellbeing by seeking win-win solutions. How can we work together to harness best thinking and practice to do the same?