Our approach

We utilize practices, tools, and frameworks from various disciplines to leverage systems change, foster social innovation, invite multi-sector collaboration, and optimize strategic impact.

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Issues such as climate change, poverty, and housing for all are not isolated problems with simple solutions.
They are often interconnected and arise from systemic factors that perpetuate and reinforce over time.
Our approach supports you to identify and understand underlying connections, dynamics, and patterns within a system, so you better understand how to intervene for the greatest impact.

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Social innovation

Complex challenges often require new and innovative solutions that go beyond traditional methods.
Our approach encourages thinking outside the box and developing creative approaches to address deeply rooted problems. It introduces fresh perspectives, ideas, and practices that can lead to breakthroughs in solving entrenched issues.

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Multi-sector collaboration

We design processes that build trusting relationships and collaborations across sectors, organizations, and disciplines by nurturing reciprocity, interconnection, and shared understanding amid differences. Working together across divergence (in perspectives, knowledge systems, and sectors) is key to creating sustainable change.

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We work with you to identify and prioritize the most critical areas for intervention by setting clear goals, defining measurable outcomes, and optimizing resources and attention to create the greatest potential for meaningful change.

Our commitment to equity

We work to embody anti-oppressive and decolonizing practices in our work and actively create inviting spaces for voices and perspectives that are missing or marginalized to be welcomed and valued.

As practitioners and as a team, we are committed to continually becoming aware of our blind spots, and actively working to tend to issues of power and equity in our practice.