Our services

We support early skill development and engagement right through to facilitation of long term complex change initiatives and all the steps in between. Together, we help you tackle root causes and achieve measurable impacts on the issues you care about.

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Process design, facilitation & coaching

Convene partners and participants to think and work better together through meaningful processes that can make progress on complex issues.

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Evaluation, sense-making & impact measurement

Measure and make sense of  the impact of policies, programs, activities and collaborations so you can continually learn, adapt, and improve.

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Learning & capacity

Equip people with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to drive systemic change within their organization and field.

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Participatory research, engagement & strategy

Understand complex social and environmental issues, assess priorities, and create informed strategy, action and implementation plans.

Our approach

In all our services, we utilize practices, tools, and frameworks from various disciplines to leverage systems change, foster social innovation, invite multi-sector collaboration, and optimize strategic impact.

Our focus areas

We bring our process expertise to support a wide range of groups and issues, and offer specialized experience in the following areas:

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for all

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Thriving and resilient communities

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Sustainable food