Many tiny wood houses and sheds and wooden tree models site on a grey background.

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Women work together in Victoria.

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The sun has set over a Vancouver neighbourhood.

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Wood beams fit together in a jigsaw and glue.

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An elder walks on a forest path with a small child.

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Salmon, tomatoes, and almonds and more, sit on a granite table.

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Mountains loom in the background with the Athabasca river in the foreground.

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A group of people sit together coming to a consensus.

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A group of people stand in a circle and put their hands over each other.

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A view of Vancouver metro.

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A child smiles and swings and plays with two adults and a soccer ball.

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Colourful pieces of a strategic map.

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People sit around a table with their coffees, notepads, and computers.

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A woman picks up a small child with a cargo ship in the background.

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Beautiful carrots, radishes, and more, lay across an table at the outdoor garden.

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The sun sets on the North Eastern part of the interior of BC.

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A red, orange, blue, and green patch work quilt.

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Three people face away from the camera and are reaching up to hold a man's legs as he balances on their shoulders to reach a bell hung high between two brick and concrete buildings.

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A blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds.

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A group of people in a U shape in an office with abstract art on the wall. Most people are focussed on a femme presenting person in the centre of the room speaking with their hands.

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Four people standing outside on the grass holding construction paper speech boxes that are blue, bink, teal, and orange above their heads.

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A warm orange sky with the sun rising above fluffy clouds.

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A night view of the city with the lights and cars blurred out a little.

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A heap of multicoloured, unsorted puzzle pieces.

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A black and white photo of a crown of people with graduation caps on. They are all facing away from the camera.

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The hands of two colleagues in a meeting at work. The person on the left has long gold nails. The person on the right has long green nails. The person on the left is resting her left hand on a folder with lines paper in it. They are working on a shiny wooden table.

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Pumpkins, squash, spinach, an onion, and a variety of other veggies on a blue countertop.

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Uncooked pasta, a wooden spoon, a dish towel, tomatoes, and basil leaves spread out on a dark wooden table.

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A ball of rubber bands stands on a turquoise table.

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A lightbulb stands in the middle of three chalk circles.

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A table set with corn and lemon slices and a banquet of food, sits ready for dinner.

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A small team of people hold their puzzle pieces together to see if they fit.

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A road disappears into a field covered in brown water with trees poking out.

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The Dawson Creek museum rests at the foot of the grainery.

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Three young people hang out around a table laughing and writing on their computers.

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Vegetable basket of carrots, onions, beets and more

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Highrises in the dowtown sector with low clouds and water in the background.

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People working at a table together.

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BC Housing and BC nonprofit

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Team members stretch out their hands to put them on each other.

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A child rests against a tree reading a book in twilight.

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A group of cyclists ride by in a park covered in trees and some autumn leaves.

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Women sit around a table talking about important local issues.

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a cheers of glasses of alcohol.

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Neighbours sit around a table and talk shop about resiliency.

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A team of people display their Starfish backpacks.

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A cloud blows over the ridge of a mountain forest.

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Folks sit around a table at the Victoria Foundation meet up and strategy session.

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Close up of a grandfather playing with his grandkids

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