Take your plan off the shelf

Research & Sense-making

We help groups build a deeper understanding of an issue, context or system. We often take a participatory approach to research by including those who are influenced by, and those who have influence on, an issue. We engage stakeholders and partners in making sense of information and we turn research into accessible resources and tools (e.g. reports, case studies, action guides).


● Research and analysis
● Publications and reports
● Case studies
● Toolkits and resources
● Articles & blogs

Strategy Development

We design and lead processes that help organizations and groups clarify their desired impact and create strategies for getting there. Our processes accelerate learning, deepen collaboration and help groups discover new ways to take effective action together. We are committed to strengthen understanding and clarity about the roles, structures and culture needed to move from planning to effective action.


● Theory of change
● Visioning
● Strategic Planning
● Systems Mapping
● Program and Process Design
● Engagement strategies

People working at a table together.

Convening & Facilitation

We help you engage partners and stakeholders by convening and designing opportunities for learning, sharing, networking and strategizing, helping groups to do together what could not be done alone. We pay attention to both the inner and outer aspects of change, tailor-designing processes to help people bring their best selves to the table. We create safe inclusive spaces to break out of business-as- usual through processes that are meaningful, engaging, creative and fun.


● Forums and Symposiums
● Engagement Processes
● Dialogues
● Workshops
● Webinars
● Communities of practice
● Partnership Development


We work with teams to provide guidance and accountability that supports progress in learning, development, and innovation for a desired impact. As a coaching team we help groups gain clarity about the impact they want to have and support them to develop, test and evaluate strategic actions and approaches. We support groups to ensure the right people are engaged in the right ways and we draw on our knowledge and networks to share promising tools and practices from the field.

We offer coaching on:

● Collective Impact
● Developmental Evaluation
● Collaborative Structures & Governance
● Transformational Leadership Development
● Adaptive Learning and Action
● Prototyping and Experimentation
● Theory of Change and Strategic Impact
● Measuring Impact
● Partnership Development

Creative people looking at project plan laid out on floor. Mixed race business associates discussing new project plan in modern office.

Training & Learning

We curate, design and deliver learning experiences and trainings to equip people with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to drive systemic change. Over the years we have led hundreds of learning workshops and trainings, both in person and online, ranging from small focused sessions on specialized topics to large public forums for hundreds of people.


● Curriculum Development
● Workshops and learning series
● In-depth, comprehensive training programs
● Learning Retreats
● Webinars
● Communities of Practice
● Learning Networks
● Social labs

Evaluation & Measuring Impact

We help you measure the impact of policies, programs, activities, and collaborations. We specialize in measuring social impact in long-term collaborative change strategies by building learning and reflective practices into the design of initiatives. We use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods and are always expanding our evaluation toolbox.


● Developing evaluation frameworks
● Program and project evaluation
● Developmental Evaluation
● Shared Measurement