Some feedback from our work

Throughout Deirdre’s involvement with the committee, she provided a positive, solution-focused approach to our barriers, and this helped the committee members develop a common direction. I would recommend Deirdre for any process-related work that wishes to bring disparate viewpoints together into a single approach.”

Karen Abrahamson
Coordinator, Surrey Child and Youth Committee

Kerri Klein and Stacy Barter […] are consummate professionals offering […] creative survey design, implementation and communication of results in a collaborative, supportive and fun style. They have coordinated and facilitated challenging hands-on workshops in diverse settings with excellent results and been instrumental in filling a crucial niche with the Climate Change Health Policy Group in BC.”

Dr. Tim Takaro
Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Erica [has an] intuitive ability to keep asking questions until you get past your usual answers until new thinking and impact becomes possible. I also appreciate Erica’s vast toolkit of social innovation processes – having an experienced facilitator who can bring people together to collectively imagine new approaches to longstanding challenges is invaluable.”

Jennifer Meilleur
Coordinator, North Shore Table Matters

What a personal pleasure it has been to work with a dynamic group of individuals who carry their values on their hearts and sleeves. Their commitment has helped communities thrive and improved wellbeing of the individuals and families within communities. These successes were achieved by catalyzing positive change in an energized and fun way.”

Paul Hasselback, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, Nanaimo

We knew that we wanted to align our work, goals, communication and visions to improve health outcomes in Cowichan and Collective Impact was identified as one of the methods with which to do so. Stacy and Michelle have worked with over 90 different community partners guiding us in Collective Impact and as a result we now have a community that speaks the same language, has embraced the Collective Impact Framework and are making significant improvements in regards to Seniors health, the Cowichan Airshed Strategy, Physical Literacy, Mental Health and Substance Use with a Housing First Approach and more. We are now being recognized for being one of the most collaborative communities on the Island!

As a result of our time with Stacy and Michelle we are a region that says- no decisions for us, about us, without us! We will tackle our challenges together for greater impact. We are planning, learning and sharing resources in ways we have never done before.

Our working relationship with Stacy and Michelle has grown into one of our greatest resources in our region. Having the opportunity to work with them over an extended period of time has allowed us to gain so much from their skills and knowledge and coaching. We are not the same community as when we started this journey and are ever so thankful for the opportunity we have had to work with them.”


Cindy Lise
Our Cowichan Communities Health Network ( Cowichan Regional Airshed Strategy Roundtable)

When our Food Action Coalition began to think about how we could tackle the issue of food security in our community, we were quite overwhelmed by the complexity of the issue. I feel so fortunate that we were connected with Erica: a coach who is extremely comfortable working with complexity! Erica was flexible in her approach and tailored her coaching modules to match the challenges we were facing as a group. With her support we were able to articulate our Theory of Change and identify tangible steps we could take that would have a real impact on the community. I’m grateful for the support we received from Erica and I’ve found that the skills and techniques we learned can be transferred to many areas of my life and work.”


Meghan Martin
Fraser Health Authority (as part of Surrey Seeds of Change)

Deirdre Goudriaan is uniquely skilled community developer, facilitator, project manager with an understanding of complex and dynamic systems challenges. She is able to build alliances based on trust and hard work and nurtures them thoughtfully. She operates with a keen respect for opinion, experience and vision, showing integrity and commitment to process and social justice. Her comprehensive understanding of collective impact, developmental evaluation, community based services, population level data and years of working in a range of cultural settings makes her an ideal consultant of collective impact initiatives in both large and small scale systems change efforts.”

Shannon Turner, BA, BSc, MSc, PhDc
National Co-Chair, Prevention of Violence Canada- Prévention de la violence Canada

Kerri Klein from Shift Collaborative provided an excellent framework for a change management training session […] dedicated to implementing projects to reduce our carbon footprint. The theoretical learning and practical examples helped participants make linkages to their roles and the relevancy of the topic. The approachable nature of our facilitator engaged a virtual audience, while at the same time keeping the delivery fresh and interesting.”

Tanja Stockmann
Manager, Environmental Sustainability Interior Health

Stacy and Kerri were lead facilitators for various capacity building sessions that focused on applied learning on innovating for healthier communities. Specifically, they demonstrated technical expertise on topics such as applied learning, systems thinking, adaptive learning and action, transformational leadership, and multi-sector collaboration. Many of these areas are developing traction in the disciplines of urban planning, population health, and civic infrastructure planning but are not easily translated to real-life settings. Both of them embraced the complexity of the topics, understood the challenges and points of resistance of the various organizations, and encouraged each participant to be a change agent.

Importantly, Stacy and Kerri both offer a high emotional intelligence. They are keenly responsive to reading their audience, teasing out the nuances of non-verbal behaviour, and shifting Staff from a place of hesitance to one of acceptance. These skills are invaluable in this line of work, and are critical to tackling planning/health issues that require moving people from a place of comfort and tradition to one of innovation and embracing change.

Danielle Noble-Brandt, MCIP, RPP
Department Manager, Policy & Planning, City of Kelowna