Creating change is hard. You want more impact. We’re here to help.

The SHIFT Team is made up of passionate and experienced leaders, strategists, facilitators and innovators. When you add up our experience, we have been leading community and organizational change processes to create a better world for over a century!

SHIFT Collaborative is a  registered cooperative that helps people make progress on tough social and environmental challenges together. Drawing on our experience designing and facilitating collaboration and engagement for systems change, we harness leading thinking and practices for new results. These enable us to build a better future together by tackling systems, not symptoms, and fostering collaboration between sectors.

We have worked on issues ranging from social connectedness and inclusion to food security, climate change,and public health, to name a few. For a decade we have worked together to support people and groups make meaningful change on the real-world issues we all care about.

What We Bring:

  • A wealth of relevant experience and examples
  • Breakthrough techniques, processes and strategies
  • Fresh perspectives
  • Tools, resources and connections
  • Enthusiasm, energy, humour and insight

What You Bring:

  • Knowledge that something needs to change
  • Desire to have greater impact
  • Willingness to stretch and grow
  • Commitment of time, energy, resources
  • Embedded knowledge, experience, insight and relationships

Together We…

  • Create a safe space for breakthrough conversations and action
  • Illuminate the underlying patterns at play to create lasting change
  • Shift the way we think, work and create change together
  • Increase strategic clarity, shared commitment and alignment

Meet our SHIFT Team

Why people love working with Stacy:

Exquisite communicator, creatively strategic, sets sights on highest quality, resourceful

Her talents:

● Designing and facilitating learning
● Finding common ground amongst diverse viewpoints
● Can hold the container for both the big and small picture
● Great intuition about what is at the heart of “stuckness” and how to design processes to break through.

Why people love working with Kerri:

Insightful, intuitive, grounded, uber-organized

Her talents:

● Taking big concepts and making them accessible
● Working collaboratively
● Distilling simplicity from complexity
● Creating clarity and inspiring confidence.

Why people love working with Erica:

Open-hearted, grounded, attentive to detail, playful.

Her talents:

● Tending to both the inner and outer aspects of group process and dynamics
● Responding to the needs of a group in the moment
● Bringing creativity to the table
● Keen insights into fluidity and process

Why people love working with Deirdre:

Her talents:

Compassionate, innovative, solid, resourceful.

Her talents:

● Getting to the heart of issues when facilitating group dialogue
● Always finding a way to move forward
● Creating inclusive spaces
● Brings everything she’s got — her whole self and extensive resources

Why people love working with Michelle:

Practical, Laser focused, Collaborative, Experienced

Her talents:

● Helping groups get unstuck and come up with an actionable plan
● Finding practical ways through sticky situations
● Sourcing the best of the group
● Incredible wealth of resources and connections

What people say about working with us

Throughout Deirdre’s involvement with the committee, she provided a positive, solution-focused approach to our barriers, and this helped the committee members develop a common direction. I would recommend Deirdre for any process-related work that wishes to bring disparate viewpoints together into a single approach.”

Karen Abrahamson
Coordinator, Surrey Child and Youth Committee

Kerri Klein and Stacy Barter […] are consummate professionals offering […] creative survey design, implementation and communication of results in a collaborative, supportive and fun style. They have coordinated and facilitated challenging hands-on workshops in diverse settings with excellent results and been instrumental in filling a crucial niche with the Climate Change Health Policy Group in BC.”

Dr. Tim Takaro
Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Erica [has an] intuitive ability to keep asking questions until you get past your usual answers until new thinking and impact becomes possible. I also appreciate Erica’s vast toolkit of social innovation processes – having an experienced facilitator who can bring people together to collectively imagine new approaches to longstanding challenges is invaluable.”

Jennifer Meilleur
Coordinator, North Shore Table Matters