TeenWork at CanAssist: Program Evaluation, 2018-2019

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TeenWork is the only employment program in CA currently that supports high school students with disabilities to access employment as part of supporting successful transitions to adulthood. SHIFT used both developmental and outcome evaluation methods to evaluate and update the original logic model as well as designing learning and evaluation structures and practices. Staff have increased ownership of and are actively using evaluation data to inform ongoing program and practice improvements and participant outcomes, and the program has the evidence and systems in place to support scaling out.

A black and white photo of a crown of people with graduation caps on. They are all facing away from the camera.
A heap of multicoloured, unsorted puzzle pieces.
Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, Strategic Learning for Social Impact, 2019
The hands of two colleagues in a meeting at work. The person on the left has long gold nails. The person on the right has long green nails. The person on the left is resting her left hand on a folder with lines paper in it. They are working on a shiny wooden table.
Victoria Foundation: Convening Collaboratives Series, 2018 – Present