Three emergency management professionals smiling at the camera next to a misting station on a sidewalk. One of the professionals is filling a waterbottle from a spout on the misting station.

Extreme Heat Planning in the Capital Region (2021 – 2022)

About the project

Regional Emergency Management Partnership

2021 – 2022

The problem they came to us with
How might we work together across the Capital Region to protect communities from extreme heat?

Our work
In response to the Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA) completed in 2020, partners within the REMP expressed interest in establishing an Extreme Heat Alert and Response Guidelines for the capital region with the purpose of supporting a regionally coordinated approach to planning, preparedness, and response to extreme heat. SHIFT designed and facilitated a series of three learning and planning workshops over two years, engaging multiple sectors, communities and partners.

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